Subcontract Manager


We are looking for an experienced Subcontract Manager take the capacity of Huawei subcontract management.


Provide Management support, guidance Subcontractor to fulfill delivery service.


  • Purchase order fulfillment monitoring: Monitor the timeliness of PO placement in the rep office to avoid site entry without POs. Locate the owner of the abnormal problem and drive the problem resolution. Push rep offices to clear long overdue POs and duplicate POs. Monitor PO process compliance;
  • Payment/deduction monitoring and management: Monitor the normal operation of PO payment, deduction, and penalty business, clear long overdue POs, monitor the normal operation of prepayment application and offset, and reduce the problem of untimely acceptance and payment;
  • Subcontractor daily interface management: As the general contact person for service purchase order management of the representative office, the subcontracting manager of the representative office is responsible for streamlining the subcontracting management of each project. External contact: management of routine communication with subcontractors (PO fulfillment, payment, SR, process, IT training, etc.)Receive complaints from subcontractors in order fulfillment and track and resolve disputes. Internal contact: Maintain communication with internal business departments, promote the resolution of various issues, and promote the training IT system upgrade and deployment of related tools.

Key KPIs for Subcontract Manager

  • Improve the rate of long overdue unaccepted POs by 20%. Calculation method: Percentage of long overdue unaccepted POs = Amount of long overdue unaccepted POs/Total amount of unaccepted POs;
  • Improve the rate of overdue acceptance and unpaid payment by 20%. Calculation method: Percentage of long-overdue acceptance and unpaid POs = Amount of long-overdue acceptance and unpaid POs/Total amount of acceptance and unpaid POs;
  • The clearance rate of duplicate POs to be canceled is 80%. Calculation method: Amount of duplicate POs that have been cleared because old POs are not deleted/Total amount of duplicate POs that have not been deleted;
  • Share control deviation rate < 5%. Calculation method: SR deviation amount/IBuy authorized amount;
  • The fulfillment cycle of engineering service POs (including acceptance cycle) is improved by 15%. Calculation method: The fulfillment + acceptance cycle of engineering service POs exported from the PTP iSee system is shortened by 15% compared with the original cycle.



  • Excellent communication and presentation and reporting skills is must, manager more than 20 suppliers at same time;
  • 3+ years’ experience in relevant roles with some experience in telecom filed;
  • 2 years’ experience as Subcontract manager for project base organization;
  • Huawei experience and understand Huawei delivery tools;
  • Ability Build relationships with internal & external stakeholders.

How to Apply

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