Software Engineer

Huawei Technologies Mozambique, Limitada is hiring a Software Engineer based in Maputo.

Main Purpose of the Job:

  • As a network technical engineer, need join delivery and maintenance of  the two MM projects;
  • Cover customer requirements, complying with internal process compliance, and helping the customer succeed.


  • Get improve MM knowledge and skills from UAT and OAT to support issues trouble shooting after go live;
  • Try to help customer issues trouble shooting during UAT and OAT , and understand clearly the issue root cause and solution;
  • Could handle implementing changes by yourself on the MM system;
  • Know well the issue and change process and flow the process rule without any break.


Skill and Competencies


  • Netcare;
  • Smartkit;
  • collectlogtool;
  • Icheck


  • Able to maintain the relationship with customer and customs authority;
  • Have Linux management and maintenance skills including check Linux system and message logs, system configurations, start/stop process, manage HACS, manage the disk space, manage Linux user and group, Linux task configuration and so on;
  • Have good skills in database management and maintenance  and be proficient in SQL operations including query/update/delete data from database for customer ,mount/unmount disk, management table space ,database healthy check;
  • Have good knowledge of Mobile Money service (Pay bill, airtime, commission service, pay salary .etc.)technical details: traffic between MM and 3rd party, trouble shooting in debug, error, service ebus,access ,statics, messages  logs  to solve basic mobile money issues etc.;
  • Good command of English (listening/reading);
  • Developed problem solving abilities including (configuration not working, charge wrong transaction failed, no response, portal action failed .etc.).

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